Peter Tongue

Peter offers public meditations, on-line radio interviews, corporate workshops, seminars, and classes, private healing sessions, and community visits to bring awareness of the New Paradigm of Peace.

With network record breaking numbers of over 500,000 listeners per month Peter's Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation on-line radio show airs on VoiceAmerica's 7th Wave Network Wednesdays at 12:00 noon PT. 

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Through a wealth of management and interpersonal experiences combined with a thorough knowledge of metaphysics, Peter uses a well-established process of alchemical transformation to empower YOU in your own life. 


Peter offers:

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7 week Teleseminar

Heart-Centered Business Practice

Webinar Series

Visualization Meditation

Audio Meditation CDs

Free On-Line Meditations

One-on-One Counseling

Private Healing Sessions


On-Line Radio Interviews

Education: Introduction to the New Paradigm

Victoria's Conscious Centred Community

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Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation
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When you feel peace and love within your own hearts and homes you will be ready to expand that joy to the community and the world.

-Peter K. Tongue